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Confused about Career? EduGroomers can help !!!


Appeared for your 10th and 12th board exams?  
Are you CONFUSED about what steps to take next?
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Today is a world of specialization. With hundreds of career options available to students, unbiased career guidance services are the need of the hour. Students find it immensely helpful to save their precious years and hard earned money by gaining expert counselling services from EduGroomers counsellors who have studied and worked in USA. You certainly would not want to choose a wrong career and live with it for the rest of your life.

EduGroomers provides career assessment testing, unbiased education counselling and guidance program that empowers you to eliminate confusion and confidently take charge of your bright career.

At EduGroomers, we assess the student’s psychology, personality, emotional intelligence, character traits, career interests, and aptitude (a package of 5 assessment tests). These tests have been designed by psychologists with years of experience and are accepted worldwide. Our counsellors are trained with knowledge about all existing and upcoming career fields, and are capable of handling student queries related to their career. Our counsellors guide students with career roadmap as well as growth chart.

Know yourself and explore all career options available for you. You’ll be happy and satisfied that you have made a wise and planned choice for your successful future.

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Farzad Damania
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Bachelors in Banking and Insurance (BBI) - Mumbai University

The three year Bachelors of Commerce in Banking and Insurance Degree course aims at :

·         Creating an additional avenue of self-employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance and Banking & Insurance.

·         Providing adequate basic understanding about Banking, Insurance & other financial services to the students and to give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Banking, Insurance & other related financial services of Accounting and Finance.

·         Inculcating training, and practical approach, by organizing industrial visits, summer placements and using modem technology in teaching the students in the field of Accounting & Finance and Banking & Insurance.

The three year B.B.I. Degree course is divided into six semesters. Given below are the list of subjects covered in each of the semesters.

FIRST YEAR - Semester 1
·         Environment and Management of Financial Services
·         Principles of Management
·         Effective Communication - I
·         Economics - I (Micro)
·         Quantitative Methods - I
·         Introduction to Computer Systems

FIRST YEAR - Semester 2
·         Principles and Practices of Banking and Insurance
·         Financial Accounting
·         Effective Communication - II
·         Economics - II (Macro)
·         Quantitative Methods - II
·         Business Law

SECOND YEAR - Semester 3
·         Laws Governing Banking & Insurance
·         Financial Management - I
·         Management Accounting
·         Customer Relationship
·         Information Technology in Banking & Insurance
·         Organizational Behaviour
·         Taxation of Financial Services

SECOND YEAR - Semester 4
·         Universal Banking
·         Financial Management - II
·         Innovations in Banking and Insurance
·         Corporate Law and Laws Governing Capital Markets
·         Entrepreneurship Management
·         Financial Markets
·         Cost Accounting of Banking & Insurance

 THIRD YEAR - Semester 5
·         Marketing in Banking & Insurance
·         Financial Services Management
·         International Banking & Finance
·         Financial Reporting and Analysis
·         Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
·         Auditing
·         Project Presentation – Banking and Insurance- I

THIRD YEAR - Semester 6
·         Strategic Management
·         Central Banking
·         International Business
·         Human Resource Management in Banking and Insurance
·         Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
·         Turnaround Management
·         Project Presentation – Banking and Insurance- II

Best Wishes,
Farzad Damania
EduGroomers Team
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