Thursday, March 21, 2013

Careers in Education, Training & Library

In the field of Education, career options seems to be limited- if you are a good student, you either end up becoming Professor or Researcher. But in today’s time, there are a plenty of option to choose from this field.

  1. Education specialist - Becoming an education specialist requires investing about 30 semester hours after master’s degree. This enables educationists to have a specific field. They are required to deliver classroom training to provide technical skill training.
  2. Counselor - Big city schools hire counselors to help their students achieve their potentials and decide their career paths. They are also hired by clinics and welfare departments. Counselors are majorly from psychology backgrounds and should have immense emotional strength to handle and solve others problems.
  3. Special education instructor (for special disabled children) – it requires teaching students who have special needs and have to have special teaching techniques to achieve this. It requires attending to individual needs­­­­­­­ of the special children. Special education instructors are employed in special schools.
  4. Speech language pathologist – A master’s degree is what is required to take this field as a career. They are required to diagnose and treat communicative and swallowing disorders. Speech language pathologists are generally employed in schools and clinics.
  5. Library technician – Their duties are to renew, circulate and issue books, record and update the library computers. They are also required to provide assistance to students and teachers alike in locating materials and resources present or not present in library.

People opting for such careers should possess a good personality and the ability of a guide. The individuals in the field of Education, though an age old career option, can never be ignored. EduGroomers is such a guide, a friend who can help you decide the best for your life. It is an institution which offers you multitude of career options for you, with its pros and cons, for you to choose the most suitable among them.

Ameeta Pereira
Counselling Psychologist & Soft Skills Trainer

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