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The top ten career options in pure & applied sciences

Are you a physics, chemistry, biology or environment student looking for a career in pure or applied science? There are lots of great options for you! Here is a look at the ten most important ones!
Forensics: Forensic scientist helps in finding the evidences from the crime scene. These are classified into fields such as geology, computer, botany, chemistry, and many more.
Geologist: These professionals study the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the earth. This data is then collected and analyzed to obtain more information about the planet.
Research technician: These technicians are employed in research facilities and assist senior scientists to carry out various lab experiments.
Pharmacist: One can even opt for becoming a pharmacist who has immense knowledge about composition of drugs, verify their genuinity, and their applications.
Environmentalist: An environmentalist’s primary focus is to improve the quality of the environment. It involves finding out the ethical methods of utilizing the resources of environment.
Physicist: A physicist is a person who does a wide study on different physical phenomena. Experiments are conducted to study the composition of subatomic particles as well as the behavior of materials in the universe.
Nutritionist: It is one of the most important careers especially these days when people are getting more health conscious day by day. A nutritionist is also called invariably as a dietitian who prescribes a person with the food measurements and exercise routine based on the body type and the allergens.
Forest and conservation technicians: The conservation technician’s main job is to compile requisite data on the size, condition and content of natural lands. A conservation scientist usually supervises the entire task.
Material science: This field involves extensive application of properties of matter to numerous fields in science and technology. Scientists in this field perform extensive tests in controlled environment to create new polymers, and compositions that provide certain advantages in their utility. For example, creating steel like composition that is less than half its weight, and so on.
Molecular biologist: This is a field dealing with biological activity of various living beings at molecular level. It incorporates basic principles of both biology and chemistry. Molecular biologists understand under what conditions certain species can germinate and grow, as well as what conditions can destroy a habitat. Geneticist is also another field within biology that deals into studying genetics and how they affect the quality of life.

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