Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Career exists after call centre experience? 

The rising demand for call centers is preliminary driven by the IT sector in India. There was a time when most of the students only thought of working in call centers or BPOs after completing their class 12.  After working 2 to 3 years most of them would then quit and shift to another field. 
But the biggest question that came in their minds was ‘what next’? This is the phase where everybody faces troubles. If you are among them, then stop worrying. EduGroomers has the following list of career suggestions for you. As we all know today most of the businesses thrive on English, therefore, here is a list of career prospects for English speaking professionals in a variety of fields:
Advertising: One can consider working as an advertising specialist, copywriter, accounts executive with the basic knowledge in accounts, media buyer or creative director. You may need to learn graphic designing though to excel in this field.
Journalism: Individuals with news sense, knack to communicate stories and ideas to the public through writing or speaking mediums can opt for this field. There are various career opportunities available including reporters, editors, authors, publishers, researchers, interviewers, and so on. 
Public Relations: This profession consists of managing and enhancing the public image of individuals or organizations. One should know how to deal with clients and must be great at writing and communicating effectively and clearly. 
Travel and Tourism companies: Individuals in this field are required to deal directly with people. One can consider working as a travel agent, who evaluates the needs of tourists and businessmen and help them make the best possible travel arrangements. Hard working young people can rise to top positions very quickly in this field. 
Education: For people interested in teaching can opt as a communication educator. Due to increasing demand of language educators, one can find employment opportunities at all the levels from elementary schools to universities. One can work as a soft-skill trainer in private or government organizations, foreign language instructor, which is another lucrative career in India. 
Retail Industry: Many international companies entering India have created job opportunities for people. Most international brands will cater to elite customers thus raising opportunities for individuals with excellent communication skills and command in the English language. 
One may find a pay-cut or a slow growth in the above suggested career fields, but the options exist for those who feel they are stuck and cannot change their career other than BPO/ call center.

Disha Jain
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