Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Should you do an MBA? How to decide if MBA is good for you?

Most people when passing out of college, dream about doing an MBA. Despite the program’s immense popularity, an MBA course is certainly not the best option for every individual. Your career goals and aspirations eventually decide whether or not MBA is the right course. MBA is a draining program and requires a great deal of time, money, commitment and energy for those who are not ready for taking up management as their career path. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right choice. Here are a few guidelines that might help you in taking the right decision.

  • Go for MBA only when you have a long term career plan in mind. Also do plenty of research to determine whether your expectations from the program resonate with suitable job opportunities of your liking.
  • Some MBA programs also require work experience in order to qualify as a potential candidate. Therefore it is essential to assess your work experience before taking up such a program as it might not fetch the desired results.
  • Are you an entrepreneur? If you are one, there is probably no reason to join an MBA program. MBA program is usually essential for those who wish to seek a job in the finance or management sector. Practical short term courses from IIMs or Harvards would be more useful than a one or two year MBA.
Do not go with general trends or societal pressures to pursue MBA. There are perhaps other related courses that will help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with EduGroomers to find our more.

Farzad Minoo Damania
Head Counsellor

EduGroomers is a professionally managed educational organization offering Unbiased Career Assessment, Counselling, and various Empowerment Training Programs for students (school and college), teenagers, graduates, job seekers and working professionals.
Established with an endeavour to empower and groom individuals of all ages including students (school and college), teenagers, graduates, job seekers, working professionals, housewives and seniors, EduGroomers offers numerous integrated learning solutions and unmatched Career Advice with assistance of its adroit team of professionals and experts, who are always updated with the latest Career Opportunities and Career trends in India and abroad.
EduGroomers (Famous and Most Popular)Career Testing includes:
  • Career Evaluation Test – Discover your natural career abilities
  • Career Interest Test – Know your career interests
  • Aptitude Test –Check if your aptitude supports your career plans
  • Personality Test – Understand how your personality resonates with your career choice
  • Emotional Intelligence Test – Learn if you can handle the nuances and pressure of job/ business
Benefits of EduGroomers Programs:
  • Unbiased Career Counselling (We are not tied up with any institute, we are 100% unbiased)
  • Identifies your strengths, passion, aptitude and career opportunities
  • Individualistic approach and Personal attention
  • Result oriented workshops and seminars
  • Innovative out-of-box training programs
  • Expert and knowledgeable guidance

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