Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Achieve Success in College

Is it time for you to join college? College is the fundamental stage to building up a successful career. This is that period which can either make or ruin a student’s life. Therefore, it is essential for a student to achieve success in college. Here are a few tips for success in college-

Take control of the situation: Unlike school, there is no one in the college to keep a check on you. From attending a class to doing your assignments, you have to do everything. Take responsibility and be in charge.

Do not miss classes: Most college students think that missing classes will have no major impact on academics. However, this is absolutely wrong. Although you might think that taking notes at the end might help, it barely does. Missing important lectures has a significant effect on your grades.

Enhance your attention span: In the age of tweets and text messages, concentrating on a 50 minute lecture might be a little difficult. However, if you aspire to be a successful college student, adjusting your attention span in necessary.

Take your tests: Do not miss any tests. In fact, solving pre-test papers is also a great idea prior to the main examinations. It not only boosts your confidence level but also exposes you to a wide variety of questions.

Connect with your professors: Approach your professors in case of any doubts or to get career guidance. They are the right people to contact when you are confused.

Ameeta Pereira
Counselling Psychologist & Soft Skills Trainer
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