Thursday, February 21, 2013

Career Fairs: How to Benefit from them?

A career fair holds many benefits for a student. It not only helps one find the right college/school but also helps a student find the right career for him or her. Here are the top 10 ways to get the maximum out of a career fair.

  1. Be prepared: Carry all your documents like resumes and all the copies of your educational background. This shows that you are well prepared and organized.
  2. Networking: You must try to interact not only with the employers but also with the employees as they might give you some important information.
  3. Improve interview skills: You must try to take as many interviews that you can to improving your interview skills.
  4. Trend analysis: Job fairs are the best places to learn about the array of qualifications an employer looks for in his employees.
  5. Confidence: It is a key to be successful. Just be confident while being interviewed.
  6. Attire: Dressing at times plays an important part in an interview so you must dress appropriately.
  7. Industry analysis: This is just the place where you can get to know more about different industries, and companies in that domain. It is always a good idea to know about industries other than your domain.
  8. Hiring process: It is the best place to understand the latest hiring procedure, and groom yourself to beat the process and get in.
  9. Sharpen skills: There are certain seminars that take place in these fairs that you can attend. Each seminar passes on vital information about trends, companies preferences and speaker’s personal experiences.
  10. Opportunities: Job fair brings you across latest opportunities that are there in the market.

Ameeta Pereira
Counselling Psychologist & Soft Skills Trainer

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