Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 Career Options for Women

Contrary to popular beliefs, women have great options to choose when it comes to career. Here are ten options which you can consider:
  1. Writing: Writing is a career that has a lot of scope. With increase in readership in India, a lot of women have pursued this career nowadays. If you feel that you have a writer in you then just go for it.
  2. Journalism: It is a profession that focuses on reporting of events and issues. This profession is one of the most pursued careers by women. Testimonials on social sites such as, can be a way to get started to speak out your views about a product, service or experience.
  3. Corporate Trainer: If you like teaching and providing it in a professional way to adults, corporate training is definitely worth exploring. Candidate is required to be good in communication and must have a pleasing personality as well.
  4. Interior Designing: It is a profession in which an individual is responsible for designing and decoration of interior spaces. It is being pursued by a lot of women these days.
  5. Fashion Designing: It is a profession in which an individual uses her creativity to design clothes and accessories. Fashion styling lately is also becoming an upcoming field in fashion.
  6. Human Resources (HR): HR is not limited to just hiring, but also includes dealing with company employees for their continuous growth and development.
  7. Social Worker / Counsellor: This is a profession that focuses on the well-being of the community.
  8. Teacher or Professor: This is a reputed profession to pursue especially for women who find it fun in sharing their knowledge and are friendly with children as well.
  9. Beautician: This profession has recently got a lot of boost. If you like cosmetology, or trichology, you could think of becoming a beautician which can also be approached as an entrepreneur by starting your own salon.
  10. Nurse: It is a profession that focuses on treatment and healing of patients in a hospital.

Farzad Minoo Damania
Head Counsellor

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