Friday, November 23, 2012

Career in Sports

Many students dream of becoming a sportsperson- to play their favourite sport, and to earn a living out of it. Gone are the days where one has to be Engineer or Doctor or Lawyer or an IT professional to be successful in life.
There are various career avenues where graduate students as per their talent, skills and interest can choose a successful off-beat or a non-traditional (Engineering, Medical, CA, UPSC/ IAS) career such as Sports.
Those with good writing skills and excellent knowledge in sports with a knack in producing stories can opt for sports journalism (newspaper, magazine, radio station etc). Individuals with strong oratory skills and confident personality having in-depth knowledge in sports might opt for working as a commentator at the events or leagues.  One with good marketing skills and innovative ideas can consider working in sports marketing firms or other advertising and promotion agencies. There are numerous other options available which require the same set of skills such as working as an event manager, sports agent, advertising salesperson for sports related firms where individuals are required to be good at selling sports items and promoting sports merchandise.
Those interested in staging production can explore being a sports programs producer or own a production house. For a career in sports one does not only need to have ample knowledge of the sport alone but one also needs to possess adequate knowledge of mathematics, accounts so that one can be eligible to work at sports-oriented offices or the sponsorship division of corporate marketing departments. Finance managers and information technologists also play a great role in this field.
In the end, EduGroomers would suggest to potential job-seekers/ students that just like every other career, sports is also a challenging career. The qualification in sports management courses is not yet recognized in India for government jobs. But the change in trend and increasing demand of sports events in the country will create lucrative job openings in the years to come.
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