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Career Options for Educated Women In India

Today women  with their hard work and sincerity have excelled in each and every profession. Women are considered to be more honest, meticulous, and efficient and hence more and more companies prefer hiring women for better performance and results.

1.       ADVOCATE 
A career in Legal field is nowadays very much preferred by women. An advocate's job demands integrity, hard work, extensive reading ,  memorizing capacity and excellent negotiating and convincing skills. For a woman, the job of an advocate gives her respect, recognition and an esteemed social status.  In this profession one needs to be very dedicated, working, intelligent, have a great memory and  be patient because in .  It takes some years to be established. Only rigorous practice and experience makes the study worthwhile.

 Job Prospects
After completing the LLB course, the first thing that one has to do is to register yourself to the Bar Council of the State. Even while you are studying you can join any firm or advocate and work there to gain experience and knowledge. You have to work under some reputed firm of senior advocates or under any advocate who has a standing of at least 15 years of practice and who has a good practice of at least  four or five years. The second option is to work in some solicitor firm and do chamber work like drafting,  and preparing petitions. You can also join various private, multinational or government companies as law officers, hotels or other offices as legal advisors. After gaining experience and once you have at least 10 years standing at the Bar , you can also opt for Government pleader posts or public prosecutors post.

Electronics engineering is as challenging and in demand as software engineering. Communication, office, defense, industry, entertainment, television, etc use and rely on electronic equipments and thus they are an inseparable part of our daily work. Electronic engineers are the brain behind these inventions. They  create these electronic gadgets for us to enjoy and  use in various fields .   Thus electronic engineers play an important role and the profession in thus in great demand. Electronics engineering requires a very high level of concentration, a sharp memory and a quick learning ability. Those who are very thorough in subjects like Physics and Mathematics can be successful in this field since concepts these subjects are basics in this profession.

Job opportunities
This profession has a wide range of job prospects. Electronics engineers are required in various multinational electronics companies, electronics manufacturing companies, defense services, research organizations and various other areas.
With the computer revolution and the growing demand of computers in each and every company, office, commercial institution and educational institution, the demand of software engineers is increasing day by day since these are the people who are responsible for the development of computer applications,  web sites, internets and various others sophisticated software’s  which have revolutionized our entire life system. Software engineering requires a very high level of concentration, a sharp memory and a quick learning ability. Those who are very thorough in subjects like Physics and Mathematics can be successful in this field . 

Job Prospects
Computer engineering has a wide range of job prospects. Thousands of government companies and public sector undertakings need computer professionals at various levels. Computer engineers are required in various multinational companies, software development companies, computer-manufacturing companies' defense services, research organizations and various other organizations.

J ournalism is a very challenging and adventurous  profession.  In the recent years, with the advent of private channels,  and Internet, the scope of journalism has increased manifold. Reporters, copywriters, freelancers, experts and columnist are  various career profile  where one can focus while opting for a career in Journalism. A splendor in writing, excellent command over the language , and lavish and rich expression of ideas are very important in Journalism. Your reporting should be unbiased and appealing to the readers. You should be able to captivate the minds of the readers and have a tremendous convincing power. Complete dedication and patience is equally important

Job Prospects
Various Newspapers, News agencies, Magazines, Websites, government and private TV channels employ journalist for reporting, editing and copy writing. Apart from this, international papers and news channels offer  a large number of vacancies. Opportunities are also available in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

5.       TEACHER
Teaching is a noble profession and those who have a keen interest of imparting knowledge and training young minds should take up this profession. Our society pays a high regard to the profession of teaching. The profession of teaching has become more advanced and sophisticated with the inclusion of  tools such as computers and other information technologies . It has become a lucrative source of income with the demand for tutorials increasing day by day. Private coaching is also preferred by many employed as well as unemployed youths since it is a good source of income.

Job Prospects
All educational institutions, which come under department of education, central government as well as state government, have posts for teachers. Schools recognised by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), ICSE, International Schools etc and Private coaching institutes and tutorial classes also give good job opportunities for teachers.

Business executives play a major role in growth of an industry. A business executive solves problems that arise in the administration of an industry and comes out with fruitful and effective solutions.  Business executive navigating a company towards a growth is what allows to earns a handsome salary .

 Job Opportunities
 An MBA is required everywhere from multinational companies to private and public companies for business analyst position.

7.       DOCTOR
The noblest profession is that of a doctor.  Medical  profession involves high sense of responsibility, and a genuine interest  to serve the needy, helpless and deprived. It's a profession, which dedicates itself for the selfless service of the society without there being any constrains of time, place, or situation.

Job Opportunities
After completing the course (MBBS, BHMS,BAMS,BUMS, BDS, BPT,BOT) one can find a job in hospitals, clinics, hospitals run by the central government, state government or private ownership and in the Indian Defense Services. One  can also work as teachers and lecture in medical colleges. Moreover the Employees State Insurance Corporation has its hospitals/dispensaries all over the country, to provide medical aid to industrial workers where one can find a good number of vacancies. You can also start your own clinic as a general practitioner and become a registered doctor.

Fashion is an important aspect of our life style. For today's modern Indian woman who is smart, career-minded, professional, independent and successful fashion is an important part and parcel of life. Fashion designing involves serious work. You have to be a dreamer and you should be able to bring your dream into reality. Thus if you are the kind of a person who takes interest in fads and trends of the society, a career in fashion designing is  for you.

Job Prospects
There is no end to opportunities in this field and sky is the limit if one has a natural flair for designing. A fashion designer is in excellent demand in clothing companies,  export houses and raw material industry as a designer or stylist. Besides all these, one can open one's own boutique or garment house. Fashion Writing, visual merchandising, and costume designing are other career options after doing diploma in fashion designing.

An ad  captivates  the minds of the consumers and also create a reliable image of the product in the consumer's mind. It  also informs  the public about numerous social, health and civic issues. Today, careers in advertising have seen an unprecedented rise and more and more young girls opt for this career.

Job Prospects
The popularity of advertising in the promotion of a product and its importance is growing day by day. With the increase of  TV channels, radio stations and FM radio stations all over the country, the need for good professionals is in this field is increasing by the day. The salary, terms and conditions vary from organization to organization.  Coming up with new creative ideas or writing scripts or preparing artwork, graphics, animation are the most common activities in this industry.

By the day-to-day increasing awareness of beauty and fitness , women are more and more being attracted to this field. Women today are more concerned about their looks and appearances and thus those who are looking for a full-fledge and rewarding career in cosmetology, can take up beauty courses. This field is effectively equipped with both institutes imparting training in beauty therapy and beauty parlors, which also run training programmes for the aspiring candidates.

Job Opportunities
You can either work in beauty salons or parlors or start your own parlor with proper finance after some good exposure and experience. Working at a health club or fitness center as an instructor can also be a good opportunity. The other options are places like hotels, slimming clinics and personal beauticians and hairdressers of film and TV stars etc.

These are some of the common careers that women have been part of .  Apart from these there are other careers like civil services, navy, air force,  hospitality, entrepreneurship, counsellors  etc that women can also be a part of and excel in. 

 Margalit Chordekar
Career Counsellor

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