Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trends in Arts and Design Careers

Professionals working in the art, design or entertainment industry will have completed a relevant degree or educational program in the domain. Opportunities in these fields include advertising, television, journalism, and many more. People can choose to work for a company or be self-employed with discrete organizations or individuals in both public and private sector.

·         The demand for artists and designers greatly depends on the economic growth of a nation and changing patterns of running a business. The connection between information and growing communication technologies will have an impact on this sector.
·         Flexible and less formal job patterns are likely to trend in the future. This sector will also see an increase in the number of small companies and self-employed professionals or freelancers.

Trends in Entertainment Industry:

·         Incorporation of new technologies is likely to reshape this industry. In addition, digital TV will provide a decent platform where consumers will be able to participate with media.
·         On the other hand, Edutainment, the combination of education and entertainment is slowly emerging as a new genre of programming in the entertainment industry.

Trends in Sports Industry:

·         Sports tourism has opened numerous opportunities for hospitality practitioners. Professionals are also required who travel to explore sports facilities.
·         Sports writing is also emerging as a new trend in the field. Professionals are needed to write book on sports that impart knowledge to the readers.
·         The sports industry has opened doors to experts and designers who are capable of producing sports equipments that meet the unique needs of the athlete and the aesthetics as well as ergonomic criteria related to the particular sport.

Trends in Media:

·         The press and news-reporting agencies play a vital role in the media industry and is one of the trending careers in the field. It is an adventurous and challenging job which is preferred by many.
·         Convergence is another aspect of the industry that refers to the use of digital technology to deliver news via different channels.
·         Stereo 3D will change the way content is delivered to the customer giving them a real 3D look and feel of products advertised, as well as content will have more demand.
·         Novel advertising methodologies which are cost effective shall be a highlight of the coming time where people are able to reach out to their target audience within a tight budget and using reasonable resources.

    Anuj Jain
    Chief Counsellor

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