Thursday, October 4, 2012

Are You Working on your Career Plan?

Are You Working on your Career Plan? 

If not, Know it All !!!

It is always good to turn your passion into your career but before heading ahead for it, make sure you have a right career plan. First and foremost, it is very important to pick the right career for you. 

With hundreds of career options available, it might look confusing and even scary at first to settle your mind on one thing, which also has to be the right thing for you. 

Moreover, just knowing what’s right for you is not the end of the story; strategizing your career is even more crucial. You need to plan the course of your career like which way you want your career to head, the flexibility of your career goals, what are the skills and qualifications required to succeed in your career, and most importantly, how to do that? You must assess yourself to help understand your individual and professional goals, interests, strengths and flaws better. A proper career plan helps you achieve success, money and a life of satisfaction. 

Build up a strong career plan for yourself with the help of EduGroomers, which will help you understand your skills and abilities better. What’s good is that you might just discover that your career is broader than you had thought. 

So, whether you are looking for the right career plan or thinking to embark on a new career, EduGroomers gives you the right career guidance that suits your profile and helps you strategize your career better. 

Anuj Jain 
Chief Counsellor
Founder, EduGroomers 

EduGroomers is a professionally managed educational organization offering Unbiased Career Assessment,Counselling, and various Empowerment Training Programs for students (school andcollege), teenagers, graduates, job seekers and working professionals.
Established with an endeavor toempower and groom individuals of all ages including students (school andcollege), teenagers, graduates, job seekers, working professionals, housewivesand seniors, EduGroomers offers numerous integrated learning solutions and unmatchedCareer Advice with assistance of its adroit team of professionals and experts,who are always updated with the latest Career Opportunities and Career trends inIndia and abroad.
EduGroomers (Famous and Most Popular)Career Testing includes:
  • CareerEvaluation Test – Discover your natural career abilities
  • Career InterestTest – Know your career interests
  • Aptitude Test –Check if your aptitude supports your career plans
  • PersonalityTest – Understand how your personality resonates with your career choice
  • EmotionalIntelligence Test – Learn if you can handle the nuances and pressure of job/ business
Benefits of EduGroomers Programs:
  • Unbiased Career Counselling (We are not tied up with any institute, we are 100% unbiased)
  • Identifies your strengths, passion, aptitude and career opportunities
  • Individualistic approach and Personal attention
  • Result oriented workshops and seminars
  • Innovative out-of-box training programs
  • Expert and knowledgeable guidance
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