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Qualities of a good career counselor

A good career counselor is vital in building the career of a student. However, there are certain duties and responsibilities that a counselor should undertake. You will know if you can be a good counselor provided you possess the following-

  1. Have realistic goals: Set realistic goals to assist a student achieve both long term as well as short term goals.
  2. Honesty: You can become a good career counselor only when you are honest with clients.
  3. Conscientiousness: If you are not a conscientious, you may actually start misguiding students to make commissions along the way from admissions fee. It is completely unethical!
  4. Communicate well: Give adequate information so that students have relevant facts with them and do not get confused while making decisions.
  5. Connect with students: Creating a rapport with students will enhance the level of understanding.
  6. Optimism: Be optimistic and speak positively using analogies and words of motivation. This is necessary to maintain a good relationship with students.
  7. Motivate others: Sometimes, students might talk to you about their failures. In such a case, encourage them to do better. At the same time, be realistic and suggest alternatives.
  8. Good listening skills: Good listening and speaking skills are requisite to communicate your ideas.
  9. Confidence: No matter what your job is, confidence is essential in every field. You cannot guide a student if you are yourself not confident about your career path, or your student’s career path.
  10. Stay focused: Do not get bored while a student is speaking to you. This will create an impression that you are uninterested.
  11. Work on your body language: Know what postures are acceptable that invite positivity at your workplace. Slouching while working, or fidgeting with objects, and so on are bad non-verbal cues that depict that you are not interested in your work.
  12. Be responsible: Take concrete decisions and remember that your strategies can either make or destroy a student’s career.
  13. Patience: Be patient in understanding the requirements of a student and their capabilities.
  14. Out of box thinking: Can you think objectively, and not subjectively to arrive at a decision? If yes, then you are using out-of-box thinking to help a student in cutting down on career confusion and helping in making a good decision.
  15. Presentable: You need to be presentable and have a strong personality to be accepted as a career counselor. Proper attire and grooming is essential. If you are used to wearing tees, jeans and flip flops, reconsider your decision of being a career counselor.

Farzad Minoo Damania
Head Counselor

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