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Best Careers in Design and Architecture

Designing and architecture are the talk of the town these days. These are great career options and if good, you can earn lots! Here is a look at some of the career choices:
An Architect plans and designs buildings and other structures such as private residences, factories, malls, office and commercial buildings and other structural properties. The designing should keep in mind the functionality, safety and needs of the people who will use the building. An architect possesses these specific skills - creativity, designing, engineering, managing, supervising and strong communication with contractors, builders and clients.
Commercial and Industrial Designer
Commercial and Industrial Designer develops and designs manufactured products like home appliances, automobiles, industrial products and kids toys. The designer has to create a product that is both functional and appealing using his/her artistic and engineering acumen.
Interior Designer
An Interior Designer is a person who specializes in planning and designing architectural interiors, and furnishings of residential, industrial or commercial buildings. The interior designer needs to be creative, artistic and imaginative in order to formulate practical, useful and aesthetic designs.
Set and Exhibit Designer
Set and Exhibit Designer designs and creates special exhibits and sets for movies, television programs, theatre shows, events and other media production houses. Other duties include studying the script, working with the director and other media crew members, and conducting research to implement different architectural styles.
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer is involved in sketching, designing of garments, clothing, footwear and accessories. The designer creatively visualizes and tries out garment combinations of line, proportion, color and texture.
Fashion Merchandiser
A Fashion Merchandiser acts as a link between the designer and consumer. The Fashion Merchandiser acts as a coordinator, and is involved in each and every stage of the garment's development, right from concept to sales. The merchandiser studies the buying trends and needs of the consumer, and then works with the designers and manufactures to create garments, by taking into account pricing, target audience, and socio-cultural conditions.
Costume Designer
Costume Designer plans, creates and maintains clothing and accessories for all characters in a film, television, dance, stage, show and event production. A costume designer should possess draping, patterning, sewing, basic design techniques, and figure drawing skills.
Landscape Architect
A Landscape Architect is involved in planning and designing land areas for projects such as parks, outdoor public areas, recreational areas, schools, colleges, hospitals, highways, and residential, industrial and commercial sites. Thus, Landscape Architecture is a multi-disciplinary field, that covers fields of: botany, horticulture, fine arts, architecture, geology, earth sciences, ecology and environmental psychology.
Floral Designer
Floral Designer creates designs and fashions using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition from live, cut, dried, and artificial floral and foliage arrangements for events, such as anniversaries, birthday parties, holidays, wedding functions and funerals.
Garden Designer
A Garden Designer is responsible for designing the plan and features of a garden. The designer deals with master planning of landscapes and decides what plants to grow where. Hence, the garden designer should possess both artistic and technical acumen for designing projects.
Multimedia Artist & Animator
Multimedia Artist & Animator creates graphic designs, special effects, animation, or other visual images using photographs, film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products or creations, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.
Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist plans, analyzes and creates visual solutions to communicate ideas that inspire, enlighten or fascinate consumers. The Graphic Designer develops designs for magazines, newspapers, journals, promotional displays, marketing brochures, logos for products and internet websites.
Desktop Publisher
Desktop Publisher prepares reports, brochures, cards, books, and other documents for printing. The Desktop Publisher possesses artistic talent, proofreading skills, sales and marketing abilities, and strong computer knowledge.
Jeweller & Jewellery Designer
Jeweller & Jewellery Designer fabricates, repairs, moulds and creates jewellery items and articles. 

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