Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Find the Right Career Path

Are you searching for the right career? Certainly one career can’t suit everyone as all of us have different qualities, interests, capabilities and potential. Hence the question arises, how to choose a career that suits you best?

1.     Firstly, discover your passion and interests. It becomes so much easier to pursue a career when the skills come naturally to you.
2.     Weigh up your strengths and weaknesses. Figure out what skills you possess and what skills you require to reach your goal.
3.     Choose a career path that suits your personality otherwise your job might start getting boring and unsatisfactory.
4.    Analyze how the career you want to pursue is going to make a difference in your life. Will it give you the life you want or not?
5.     Research a lot if any career path interests you. Try interviewing people who are already in that field to know about the pros and cons.
6.    Start doing internships or volunteering if you are confused about your chosen career path. By this you will get exposed to the profession and even get to know if it’s the right choice!
7.  Always pick up a career which offers a broader scope for you to grow and enjoy a life of content. Otherwise, you always have the option of starting your own business.
8.      Keep your career values flexible and be open to other career options.
9.    Never settle on something dissatisfying because that won’t let you live a happy life. Take your time to decide what career will be ideal for you.
10.  Find the right career counseling at EduGroomers to help you gain a fresh outlook and get you in the right direction. 

Ameeta Pereira
Counselling Psychologist & Soft Skills Trainer
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